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FAQs on logs for sale

How do I store firewood logs ?

Ensuring your logs are stored correctly is vital. If ordering a loose pickup load from us, then we would advise that you stack them in a ventilated area away from moisture. Log stores are very popular nowadays especially with the increase in log burner installations. The stores will help you have dry logs to hand throughout the winter months, and enable you to gauge when you need to reorder rather than having then stacked around the garage, garden shed and up against the side of the house! Bulk bags are great as they can be pulled into a garage etc without unpacking and re-stacking them if your driveway and garage is fairly accessible so can be an easier option for customers. However please be aware that builders bags are not fully waterproof so if left outside a sheet of some sort will be required.

Can I burn wood safely and efficiently?

Wood is the cleanest fuel there is, but pollutants can be generated if it is not burned efficiently. Smoke – particles of unburned fuel – may result from using wood that is not seasoned properly, an inefficient stove or problems with the chimney. Carbon monoxide can be generated by any carbon based fuel and is potentially dangerous. To avoid problems:

Have your stove professionally fitted

Have your chimney swept at least once a year

Install a carbon monoxide detector

Never burn rubbish, plastics, glossy paper or polystyrene, wood that has been taken from salt water, treated or painted wood, particulate-board or plywood

Store wood outside, off the ground to avoid the circulation of allergy-causing mould spores which can be caused by drying unseasoned wood indoors

Help the fire to burn briskly by making sure it is getting enough air and by using logs that are 10–15 cm (4-6 inches) in diameter and so expose more surface area to the flame

How do I keep my fire going overnight?

Our standard advice with wood burners is not to try and keep them in overnight but to let them burn out at the end of the evening. What you’re essentially doing when you try to keep them in overnight is to shut the fire right down and get the logs to smoulder. This reduces the temperature of the fire and increases the possibility that the fumes from the fire will not be hot enough to rise and exit the flue as usual (particularly with tall or exposed flues). This then runs the risk of these gases condensing inside the flue, especially towards the top of the flue, leaving tar and creosote deposits. Tar deposits of course are a potential fire risk (as well as blocking the flue and reducing its efficiency) while creosote eats away at the mortar of unlined chimneys increasing the risk of carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases getting into the house. So generally not recommended!

Should I burn softwood or hardwood?

The heavier and denser the wood, the longer it will burn. Hardwoods tend to be denser than softwoods and will therefore burn longer. Softwoods, on the other hand, burn hotter and more easily so are great for getting the fire blazing.

Are the trees cut down just for firewood?

No, most certainly not.  The trees, which we use for firewood, are from sustainable forestry thinning programme throughout the county.   Using a sustainable source of firewood promotes the active management of woodland with extensive benefits for the environment, countryside and wildlife.  If harvested from sustainable sources, wood is a completely renewable source of energy.

Can I order my logs in the summer?

We welcome orders for logs well in advance of the winter and happy to deliver in the summer months.

These are some of the questions that we do get asked. If you would like to ask or would like advice on our firewood logs for sale please call us on : 07590 833 133

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